What's This ALl About?

Listen to the news on any given day and it's easy to get overwhelmed by feelings of  fear and hopelessness. 

Perhaps you feel like this is simply part of living in the 21st century.

But people in earlier centuries had their fair share of stress and anxiety, and they found ways to cope and persevere.  Indeed, this need to carry on may very well have given rise to the importance of dance, music, worship, arts and crafts. These pursuits help make humans feel a little more connected, hopeful and grounded.

In 19th century Vienna, the composer Franz Schubert and his friends would meet regularly at various homes for intimate gatherings to decompress and lift their spirits. The evenings featured poetry readings, charades and dancing along with performances of Schubert's newest works. They called these events Schubertiades (shoe-ber-tee-AHHds) and these festivals -- formal and informal -- are still held in Europe as a way for friends to gather, appreciate the arts and let off some steam. 

Lyric soprano Kathrin Danzmayr grew up attending Schubertiades. It occurred to her recently that a Schubertiade would be a much welcome and needed event today, in 21st century Columbus, Ohio.  SchubertTALK is  her take on the Schubertiad tradition. 

Held every few months, SchubertTALK will feature original performances by poets, actors, dancers and other artists accompanied by beautiful, stirring music by Schubert and other composers. Spanning many genres of art and music, the goal is to create an uplifting, authentic and hopeful environment -one that transcends the dischord now prevalent in our society.